The Home Fortification Technical Advisory Group (HF-Tag) is a community of stakeholders involved in home fortification. It is comprised of members from the public, private, academic and non-governmental organization sectors


Home-fortification consists of adding specialized products such as multiple micronutrient powders (MNP) or food-based complementary food supplements (CFS) such as small-quantity lipid-based nutrient supplements (SQ-LNS) and full-fat soy flour (and soy protein isolate) with a vitamin-mineral mix to foods prepared at the point-of-use (e.g. home, schools or facilities).


Relevant WHO guidelines

  • WHO guideline: Use of multiple micronutrient powders for point-of-use fortification of foods consumed by infants and young children aged 6–23 months and children aged 2–12 years. Geneva: World Health
    Organization; 2016.
  • WHO. Guideline: Use of multiple micronutrient powders for point-of-use fortification of foods consumed by pregnant women. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2016.

About the TAG

According to their website, the HF-TAG’s vision is improving nutrition for health and development and its mission is to provide leadership by advocating and supporting well-designed and effective home fortification interventions at scale for children and women, based on sound technical guidance and best practices.

Key highlights

  • HFTag’s website displays information on past and ongoing home fortification projects.
  • The projects’ map is worth taking a look.
  • You will find multiple resources produced by this TAG, particularly on Multiple Micronutrient Powders. These include guidelines, evidence and toolkits.
  • The website mentions that this group provides key technical advice to countries. The modality is unclear.
  • Heads-up! Some of the information seems out to date.


Advisory group (representatives from)

  • Sickkids centre for Global Child Health (Website)
  • US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Website)
  • Sprinkles Global Health Initiative 
  • Sight and Life (Website)
  • Nutrition International (Website)
  • Helen Keller International (Website)
  • UC Davis Program in International and Community Nutrition (Website)
  • World Food Program (Website)
  • UNICEF (Website)
  • GAIN – Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (Website)