“Luzma, a friend of mine has just offered you a job.” Those were the words of my mom after I turned 13.

The day after,  I joined a small company to work as a freelancer, and along with my cousin,  spent more than one year working as “production assistant” for a weekly local TV show and a radio program for children. I LOVED IT!

PhD defence. Luz and mum

Margarita Velez, my mom, and me, in my PhD defense.


I spent hours and hours in the office organizing the forms for the fans club or assisting with video editing and script review. At that time, my dad also bought a VHS player (I know!!, don’t say it) with editing capabilities, a camera and a console for us to experiment and create videos at home.

One day, I was informed that there was not enough budget and was let go. I moved on, but two decades later I learned that it was my mom who paid our monthly salary until she ran out of money.

With her generosity, my mom gave me two priceless gifts: my work ethic and an appreciation for communications that continued to grow in the following years through multiple projects and jobs.

NODE,  Nutrition Observatory for Development, is a personal project that has come to life organically. It results from my need to connect with the nutrition community in a less-academic format and my love for international development and communications.


NODE is a one-stop site with updated news, opinions, interviews, and resources on nutrition and international development.

My goal is that when you visit it, you feel more informed about nutrition and with new tools to make your job more connected and efficient.


This website is my way to share what I know and follow in a simple, independent, way. Ultimately, my aim is to:

  • Tell the stories of those nutrition heroes that make a difference through their day-to-day work. There are many!
  • Inform you, in a non-partisan spirit, about new resources from all the topics related to nutrition, from biomarkers to financing and non-communicable diseases.
  • Connect the community through a shared space. There are multiple organizations with different approaches, but I believe that all of us have in common a desire to make a positive difference in the world and ensure nutrition remains central to the achievement of the SDGs.


Let’s enjoy the ride and the read!

Luz Maria De-Regil, DSc

                                                                                 Editor & Founder