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Last week, I had a wonderful weekend: I went to see Serena Williams playing semi-finals at the Canadian Open. I went because I equally admire her achievements in tennis and her growing leadership towards women’s equality.

Serena won but didn’t play her best game. It’s hard to say whether it was because of an injury, the surprise of facing a relentless opponent, or just the passing of the time. However, in Serena’s hardest struggle, you could appreciate three crucial things that helped her survive:

  • she built on her strengths;
  • reduced the variety of shots to increase the precision, and
  • focused her energy to serve aces in critical moments.


Nutrition for growth is approaching quickly. As we get ready for it, I’d like to see what I saw last Saturday on the tennis court: a community that focuses on critical actions and shows ace-type results.

The risk of not doing so, from my perspective, is losing the status achieved over the last years and, eventually, disappearing among other players.